Travel Scholarship is now available for eligible participants.

Please note that only financial members of APAMT are eligible for APAMT travel scholarships. (You can join now and/or pay the $50 annual membership payment at and be immediately eligible for this and other benefits)


Travel Scholarship Criteria

  1. Applicants must be working in one of the Asia Pacific countries and not more than 45 years old.
  2. An applicant must not have received a scholarship from APAMT in the last 2 years and should not have previously received 2 or more previous scholarships
  3. Application for the award must be submitted with an abstract for consideration by the Scientific Committee. If required, an applicant may be asked to provide raw data to the Scientific Committee for scrutiny.
  4. All abstracts will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee. Applicants will be judged on merits of the scientific quality of their submitted abstracts as well as having fulfilled other stated criteria. The judging process will make allowances for applicants with limited opportunity to undertake research.
  5. Successful applicants will be notified by email from the APAMT Office.
  6. Scholarship winners are required to attend the 15th APAMT Congress in Singapore to give an oral presentation of their submitted studies.
  7. The value of the travel component of the scholarship ranges from USD500 – USD 1,000. This money is paid at the end of the conference.
  8. Winning the scholarship has no impact on other abstracts submitted by the applicant.


Deadline and Submission of Application

  1. The deadline for submission of application is 1 August 2016.
  2. Scholarship applicants must submit ALL following documents online via the Scholarship Abstract Portal.
    *Completed online form for Travel Scholarship
    *Current CV
    *A letter of support or endorsement from your organization